LIKEarchitects forms indoor exhibition space with 20,000 fabric strips

Under the skylight at lisbon’s colombo shopping mall, LIKEarchitects have constructed a temporary exhibition space to hold artist jen lewin‘s interactive and luminous installation, ‘the pool’.

LIKEarchitects forms indoor exhibition space with 20,000 fabric strips

The porto-based architecture studio has suspended 20,000 strips of white and black fabric from a circular frame, attached to the domed window towering above the commercial center. spanning 14 feet in diameter and 4 feet in height, ‘wonderWALL’ is defined by the numerous fabric strips and their radial arrangement, with tactile, flexible walls penetrable by visitors and oscillating with airflow created by their movement.

The cylindrical space created by the architecture of the exhibition chamber seeks to emphasize the rounded nature of the artwork held within. Never actually touching the mall floor itself, ‘wonderWALL’ allows viewers to see — from the outside — a continuous line of colored light emitting from within. The coverage presents itself as a large circular weaving screen that highlights the manual process that characterizes the construction of the domed space, highlighting its unique textile texture. protected from the bright light of the shopping arena, lewin’s ‘pool’ is able to realize its chromatic variations and materiality.


images: © fernando guerra / FG + SG architectural photography
text: Designboom